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The specialization in “Financial Analysis and Policy” is tailored for graduates from tertiary education departments in economics, socio-political sciences, the natural sciences, or engineering. Broadly speaking, it caters to graduates seeking an in-depth exploration of both the theory and practice of finance. Additionally, it is well-suited for professionals in either the private or public sector aiming to expand their expertise in finance and expedite their professional growth.


The “Applied Economics and Finance” specialization targets graduates from tertiary education departments in economics, business administration, accounting, or mathematics. It is directed towards individuals holding a tertiary education degree aspiring to pursue a career as certified auditors-accountants or desiring to assume leadership roles in the financial management of businesses or organizations. This specialization is ideal for those who possess a fervent passion and commitment to the subject matter.


The “Public Auditing” specialization is designed to accommodate both seasoned professionals experienced in financial audits of public sector entities and recent graduates with a similar professional inclination. Specifically, the program is oriented towards individuals in administrative, auditing, and related roles within the public sector, who are keen on advancing their professional standing and personal development. Furthermore, it is suitable for tertiary education graduates aspiring to collaborate or work within the public sector, international organizations, or entities engaged with the public sector, such as non-governmental organizations.